WOODSmith and CORE Systems pave the way for a new digital age in Construction

Gary Wood and Paul Bass sit down to discuss their mutual successes and their desire to be innovators as directors of their respective companies.

One of the biggest steps towards digitalisation within construction is digital data capture and sharing. The industry is stuck in a past era of scraps of paper and post-it notes. A new school of thought is needed to get digital recording embedded into the industry for good. 

Choosing not to be complacent to common construction trends, Gary Wood, Managing Director of WOODSmith Construction Group has taken this step by introducing CORE Systems within his organisation. A system which has allowed them to manage their projects from concept to reality with ease and efficiency.

CORE Systems, developed by Rockcliffe Construction Services (NE), provides ease of use and design to help construction companies work most efficiently and save potential millions. CORE is a platform which captures all data produced on and offsite, securely recording a single point of truth, that is instantly accessible anytime, anywhere and on any device. CORE delivers fast, accurate, and intuitive data via Business Intelligence reporting to inform decision making.

CORE’s founder and director Paul Bass says: “CORE came about from my experience as a practising quantity surveyor and discovering the same issues of inefficiencies and problems that could have been mitigated if the decision makers had access to real time data. We decided to create a platform that would be the cornerstone of information management.  The construction industry is a complex environment with lots of data and lots of interfaces and our innovative platform incorporating facilities such as automated dash, activity feed, risk and change management, site diary, notifications, actions, document control and improved site to office transfer, streamlines the whole construction management process.”

WOODSmith Construction Group, still in its infancy in terms of business age, are one of the most digitally mature construction companies currently operating; leading them to achieve the highest accreditations and certifications. Most notable of these is the ISO9001, passing the RISQS Audit and gaining Elite CHAS accreditation – the latter being one of the most prestigious awards in construction. 

Since adopting CORE WOODSmith are delivering projects approximately 11% quicker and at 7% less cost. The potential additional costs and delays avoided due to improved risk management as a result of adopting CORE are not quantifiable but are undoubtedly significant. 

Gary Wood says: “It’s thanks to our digital approach that we’ve been able to achieve this level of success. We’re very proud of our team’s achievements so far and look forward to continuing to expand our projects into the future.” 

Furthermore, WOODSmith’s determination to be one step ahead has seen their first year’s annual turnover exceed their initial target of £500,000, securing themselves a £1.8 million turnover, and on track for £7 million turnover for 2023. 

Gary adds: “It’s been an entire team effort and the CORE System allows for effortless collaboration across the full team, resulting in efficient completion of projects and our great work being recognised by clients, many becoming repeat clients.”

WOODSmith are currently working on expansive residential projects across the North East and North Yorkshire. They are not just focusing on residential either; they have recently won impressive tenders across British Steel, Anglo American, and the Middlesbrough Train Station.   

Success continues for CORE as well, they recently won Best Innovation Award at Tees Tech Awards 2022. They were recognised for their impact to the industry, with WOODSmith being the case study they demonstrated the systems success with.  

Paul comments: “We’ve created a single source of truth, it’s unique and exciting. The push now is to continue growing our client base.  All construction companies can benefit from technology; making the construction process safer, more efficient and more environmentally friendly.  

WOODSmith have also adopted our new 3D scanning service which is integrated with CORE and the results are impressive.  CORE has provided WOODSmith with absolute control; informing decisions, driving contractual compliance and agreement, and increasing productivity, delivery and efficiency – its been a real pleasure to work with such a progressive, collaborative and innovative company.”

Paul and Gary’s collaborative efforts have seen both companies go from strength to strength, pulling construction into the digital age, and reaping the rewards. Whilst others may struggle to keep up with the new digital age of construction; WOODSmith and CORE Systems are paving the way for others to follow.

Want to work with WOODSmith? No matter the size or scope of your project, they can work with you to take it from concept to reality. Get in touch on 01287 221461 or visit www.woodsmithgroup.com to find out more.

Interested in using CORE? Get in touch to see how it can benefit your project and commercial  management. Call on 07841457257, email enquiries@coresystems-software.co.uk  or visit www.coresystems-software.co.uk to find out more.


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