Backing Skelton Primary School’s Musical Journey to Royal Albert Hall

Backing Skelton Primary School’s Musical Journey to Royal Albert Hall

WOODSmith Construction Group has come forward to support Skelton Primary School as they aim to reach the illustrious Royal Albert Hall for their upcoming choir performance. Led by Managing Director Gary Wood, the construction company has not only provided financial aid but has also shown solidarity with his old school, Skelton Primary.

The latest act of kindness from WOODSmith saw them helping with the school’s fundraising efforts by donating a football-themed prize for a raffle. The prize included tickets for the Middlesbrough FC match against Plymouth, where the lucky winner and their guests enjoyed the game from the prestigious Styled Suite, courtesy of Gary Wood.

The reason behind this generous gesture is simple: WOODSmith wants to help raise money for the school’s trip to the Royal Albert Hall this March. WOODSmith’s support aims to ensure each child can be part of this fantastic musical adventure.

This isn’t the first time WOODSmith has supported Skelton Primary. They have also sponsored the school’s polo shirts to help raise funds for the choir trip, with thanks to CTS Supplies.

Skelton Primary School Choir in their sponsored t-shirts.

Gary Wood has fond memories of the school and keeps in touch with the teachers, especially Maria Cox, who does so much for the children.

Gary Wood said, “Since leaving the primary, I’ve stayed connected with the school and its wonderful teachers. Helping Skelton Primary and the wider community means a lot to me. It’s great to see everyone coming together to support the kids and their dreams.”

WOODSmith Construction Group’s support shows how local businesses can make a big difference in their communities. By working together, they not only help with education but also create a stronger community spirit.

As Skelton Primary School’s choir gets ready for their big performance at the Royal Albert Hall, they know they have the full support of WOODSmith Construction Group!

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