WOODSmith’s 2nd Birthday

Happy Birthday WOODSmith!

WOODSmith Construction Group celebrated their 2nd on March 2nd! It has been two years of incredible growth; thank you to the entire WOODSmith team for your faultless attitudes, relentless work ethic and determination! 

The day is also shared with Gary Wood, Managing Director of WOODSmith, as it is his birthday also! Happy Birthday Gary!

Pictured above is David Walton, Gary Wood, Kay Wilson and Callum Robinson, they all look proud as punch! 

Want to work with WOODSmith? No matter the size or scope of your project, they can work with you to take it from concept to reality. Get in touch on 01287 221461 or visit www.woodsmithgroup.com to find out more.

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