The benefits of hiring a construction firm for residential projects 

Construction is a complicated game, even if you just plan on upgrading your bathroom. If you have an upcoming residential project, trust us, it pays to hire experienced professionals.

We have extensive experience in the residential construction sector and can tackle almost any project, from small and simple upgrades to complex renovations. 

Everything in one place

Part of what makes us the firm of choice for many residential projects is our end-to-end service offering. Juggling separate contractors is often a full-time job, so we aim to make the process easier by having everything, and everyone, in one place. From architectural planning through to interior design considerations, we manage all projects from start to finish, and stand by our commitment of ‘one company, one point of contact, one supplier and one price’. 

Being able to offer this service often means that we have a deeper understanding of our clients’ wishes too, leading to a seamless process and successful outcome for both them and us. 

We thrive on those intricate residential projects for private clients that many main contractors wouldn’t entertain. 

Taking safety seriously

Safety is a serious issue when it comes to any type of construction work. Building sites can be dangerous places, so we take steps to ensure safety is a priority. All our contractors and employees are highly trained and given access to the latest courses, and we maintain exceptionally high standards and use risk assessments to determine how any work should be carried out. 

As a construction firm, we have to adhere to certain safety standards and can demonstrate how we achieve them, something that you may not get if you chose individual contractors.

Keeping you in the loop

Communication is a key part of any building project. Understandably, you’ll want to know the progress and if there are any hiccups along the way. Our site managers ensure you are kept up to date with how the project is coming along and will provide you with an overview of work carried out and to be completed, should you wish to know. 

We’ve got you covered 

The services we provide cover all aspects of home renovations:


Refurbishment work usually involves a process of improving certain parts of a home or building. It can include simple cosmetic renovations, such as painting and decorating, or considerable changes such as alterations, repair work, modernisations, upgrades and extensions. 

Refurbishing your home is a great choice if you’re looking for a change but not looking to move somewhere else. It can extend its life by years and is also often significantly cheaper than buying a new place.

We work with you to understand what it is you want to achieve and carry out work to a high standard, from beginning to end. Our innovative service provides value, vision and strategy to take every project from ordinary to extraordinary and leave you with an upgraded home to be proud of. 


Converting a home is an exciting but often daunting prospect. Keeping the unique characteristics that give it its charm while creating a home to call your own is our speciality. From old barns to commercial properties and everything in between, our experienced team of contractors will work with you to design and build your perfect home.

Whether it’s an old church, school or industrial factory, we look to retain those individual elements that drew you to it in the first place. Working with, rather than against, the existing building, we are sympathetic to its original structure and character and prioritise what makes it special. 

Ground-up design and build

As it sounds, ground-up design concerns putting up a new building where one has not previously existed. There is a lot of work that goes into building a new home, but it is an opportunity to create something exactly how you want that you can truly call your own. Ground-up builds require new foundations, walls and footings before we even get into fittings and fixtures. You could choose to hire different contractors for each element, but you may find this is a lengthy and expensive process. If you’ve ever watched Grand Designs, you’ll know what we mean!

Instead, a construction firm such as ourselves will carry out all the work required, usually in shorter timescales and at one price point. Our end-to-end service means you’ll get support at every stage of the build, from the legal aspects to interior design, pricing, construction, and finally, fit-out. 

Hiring a construction firm for your residential project will ensure you are left satisfied with the end result. We provide tailored services, regardless of whether you want to renovate a kitchen, convert an 18th century church or build from scratch. If you are planning a residential project, give us a call on 01287 221461.

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