Parkside Villa

Project Details

Client: Parkside Villa
Client Location: Harrogate
Time Scale: 12 weeks

Parkside Villa

Parkside Villa, a seven-bedroomed property located in Harrogate, was in need of a comprehensive renovation to attract potential guests in the competitive UK holiday home market. The clients entrusted WOODSmith Construction Group’s residential team with this ambitious project. The result? A stunning modern holiday home that boasts the highest quality finishes and fixes. 

Planning & Preparations

WOODSmith Construction Group’s residential team faced several challenges when they took on the renovation of Parkside Villa. The property was a period building that required extensive and thoughtful renovation to retain its character while incorporating modern amenities

To ensure the brief was met, the residential team worked closely with Styled Interior Design, the architect and the client to create an FF&E document for the fixtures.

Care & Consideration & Changes

The internal renovations commenced with a complete rip-out of outdated and worn features. The construction team carefully removed old fixtures and materials to make way for the transformation. 

To maximise the property’s potential, new rooms were created and boarded. By optimising the existing layout and repurposing underutilised spaces, they were able to increase the number of bedrooms, making Parkside Villa more accommodating to larger groups of guests. Walls and ceilings were replastered to ensure a fresh canvas for the modern design that would follow.

One of the key areas of focus was the bathrooms and kitchen. Outdated plumbing and fixtures were replaced with modern, stylish elements. The residential team incorporated high-quality materials and finishes to elevate the overall appeal of the space and offer guests a luxurious experience during their stay.

Finishing Touches

The WOODSmith residential team’s efforts to turn the property into a modern holiday home have been successful, giving it a competitive edge in the UK serviced accommodation market. The cohesive feel, high-quality materials, and additional space make Parkside Villa an attractive choice for guests seeking a memorable holiday experience.

The property is now listed on  luxury holiday home site Host & Stay, book it here.


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