MFC The Archery

Project Details

Client: MFC
Client Location: Riverside Stadium
Timescale: 8 Weeks

MFC The Archery Commercial Project

WOODSmith Construction Group’s commercial team were tasked with creating a new hospitality space at Middlesbrough Football Club. WOODSmith’s team worked with Styled Interior Design to complete an extensive renovation of the existing hospitality suite.

The key objectives were to accommodate up to 60 guests and provide them with an exclusive match-day experience. However, the lounge was also designed to be functional beyond match days, and so its transformation incorporated a range of features that catered to this dual purpose.

The design inspiration for ‘The Archery’ drew from various sources, including the elegance of champagne bars, the glamour of old Hollywood, and the historical significance of MFC’s past glory days. Additionally, a nod to the team’s colours and a tribute to the ‘The Archery’ Albert Park, one of the club’s original playing grounds from 1876 to 1878, was incorporated into the design narrative.

Big Build

The renovation included a bespoke curved bar as the central highlight. Electrical systems were  re- wired to ensure optimal functionality. Plastering redone on the walls, offering a clean backdrop for the subsequent design elements. A custom framework was created to house a prominent 100-inch television.

The flooring was upgraded with new luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), elevating the area with a touch of refinement. Wall panelling was added to marry in with the design of the room. The ceiling grid tiles were crafted to evoke a traditional aesthetic, adding a touch of heritage to the design.

A striking photo-op area was strategically created, featuring bespoke seating and wall cladding, accentuated by an LED #UTB light. A multi-use decorative tree was installed, taking centre stage and simultaneously serving as both seating and a gathering area. 

Finally, new luxury bathrooms were installed, complete with modern fixtures.

Tight Turnaround

The project’s most challenging aspects were managing lead times for bespoke joinery items and the fabrication of a handmade Tree, sourced from the Netherlands, which adds a unique element to the lounge’s design. 

Furthermore, the strict time pressure, compounded by the need to accommodate football fixtures and concerts, tested the project’s timeliness.

However, through detailed planning and meticulous execution, WOODSmith Construction successfully overcame these hurdles.

Remarkable Results

The end result is a stunning room, fit for dual purpose, which looks back on the ‘glory days’ of MFC and gives a touch of old Hollywood glamour for good measure. 

A huge thank you to our reliable and brilliant subcontractors in RTS Joinery, Grieg Flooring and SE Decorators. And, to CORE Systems for their pivotal role in the visualisation of the design, envisioning the lounge through CGI’s and floor plans.


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