Roll Lathe Park Storage Area

Project Details

Client: British Steel
Client Location: Skinningrove
Time Scale: 16 Weeks

Roll Lathe Park Storage Area Commercial Project

WOODSmith Construction Group’s commercial team were tasked with clearing, leveling and preparing the area for the storage area at Roll Lathe Park; the new road surface is suitable for the axle weights of the vehicle fleet using the area. 

Preparations & Planning

Initial meetings were held with the client to discuss the scope of works required, then project drawings were received and studied so we could meet the design specifications, as well as H&S issues. WOODSmith’s Commercial team developed RAMS for the project which were included in the workpack for the job. Finally,  we ensured that all staff on the project had the correct competencies for the work required

The plan included a storm water drainage system; this should be installed in the new road using the excavation where the existing rail track has been removed, then be routed into the existing storm water network, finally, suitable road gully’s should be installed at direction change points and where the fall of the road directs the storm water.

As it is a working site, British Steel needed access to their available areas to continue working. There were overhead cranes which had to be isolated whilst the team worked so we coordinated with British Steel to ensure that we didn’t interfere with their work. 

The Build

The area was CAT scanned prior to starting work to ensure there were no hazards in the area where we were going to excavate. The area was then measured  using laser levels and sectioned it off into work areas so that site activities in the area could continue whilst we were progressing with the build. 

Additionally, a protective Armco barrier needed to be erected around the existing plant water return line that runs across the corner of the area.

The areas were excavated to the required depth, throughout the team removing the spoil from the area and deploying it to other areas of the site to landfill. The team laid membrane and placed mesh in the sections as per the design and then poured the concrete and dressed the slabs. Once the concrete was cured, British Steel signed the area off, and the WOODSmith Commercial Team handed the area back to them.

Final Product

As one of WOODSmith Construction Group’s first projects on British Steel, the team were really proud to complete and carry out a large civils project. The final area was aligned with the initial brief and was signed off by British Steel. 

Following the success of this project, WOODSmith’s Commercial team secured further work on the British Steel Skinningrove site.

WOODSmith continues to work on the site and are proud to be working for such a prestigious company, British Steel.