Albion Terrace

Project Details

Client: Albion Terrace
Client Location: Whitby
Time Scale: 14 Weeks

What was the property?

Residential house to a Holiday Home.

What was the brief for this project?

Given the property was a 7 bedroom Victorian town house, the client wanted to keep this period feel whilst also putting a modern and fresh twist on it. We tried to keep as many traditional features as feasibly possible given the amount of work required. 

How did you develop plans for this project to ensure you met the brief?

Working closely with the Architects & Client, we collated all the ideas over numerous zoom meetings to create plans which the client was happy but at the same time, something which was achievable structurally with the build.

Please can you tell us about the build process for this project?

The build process on this project was quite complex given the mechanical steel design. Due to the removal of the load bearing wall between the dining room & living room and the removal of the chimney breast and the removal of the rear external wall, all the steels had to tie into one another due to the stress factors. Putting the steel aside, the process of the build process was simple and we worked from the top to the bottom and out. All the windows were getting replaced and there was an 8 week lead time so we had to prep all the walls but leave the window reveals until the windows had been fitted.

Did you have to make any changes to the initial brief during the project?

A minor change was made to the 3rd floor en-suite shower. We were worried about installing a mains fed shower due to the lack of pressure given the boiler was on the first floor. With this in mind and after further discussions with the client, we decided to install an Mira Décor Electric shower. We decided this would negate the worries and potential problems of water pressure, but also this would provide a working hot shower for the guests in the situation there was ever a problem with the central heating system in the future.  

Were there any site issues you had to take into consideration?

As we installed all new UPVC Sliding Sash Windows and a new balcony, we had a three story full wrap around scaffolding. We had to take into consideration who was suitable to work on the scaffolding and also carrying out the required risk assessments. 

How did you achieve the final result?

Managing the different trades on site strategically and ensuring we were working to the architecture plans and the FF&E documents created by STYLED. 

How did this fulfil the original brief set by the client?

The finish product was exactly to the drawings and plans. 

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

The project ran on a 14 Week programme which came down to the wire on the last day and we hit the programme for completion. The finish was outstanding and the property has gone on to be one of the best holiday homes in Whitby.